The below info credited by Maximillion, creator of Logo.

The Logo Alex is one of my favorite mesh heads in SL. For photographers and bloggers it’s a MUST HAVE. It comes with a mini hud of 12 expressions and you can also purchase  additional expressions. Alex has a total of 36 expressions. Only Logo provides this many expressions.

These updates are amazing, Maximillion and Polly have thought of everything for the Alex 3.0 Update

  • Makeup and tattoo layer for the Omega version is now available in the Omega folder (can also be worn with default versions)
  • Chat emotes and random expressions to help make your avatar feel more alive
  • All versions of the eyes are now Omega compatible, including the ones in the default LOGO skin folders
  • Tinting controls for the skin, inner eye, eyelashes, hair base and Omega makeup
  • Third tab added to the HUD to control tinting, alpha and more
  • Expression add-on packs can now be added to the main HUD
  • Add-ons can now be installed with their own installer HUDs so you no longer have to manually add scripts for add-ons


  • Expressions now switch much faster than before
  • Expressions no longer reset when you log out
  • The ears and neck have now been integrated with the head and you can control visibility and options in the HUD
  • The top and back of the head and hair base can now be hidden with the HUD if it’s showing through hair (there may still be some hair that doesn’t work but this should help fix the majority of cases)
  • You can now use the LOGO hair bases with the Omega version via the Alex Omega HUD
  • HUD section buttons now have colors to make them easier to find


Omega Makeup and Tattoo Layer & Omega Eyes

Omega makeup can now be used by wearing the LOGO Alex v3.0 Omega Makeup/Tattoo Layer.  This can be worn with both the Omega version of the avatar as well as the regular LOGO versions.  Just make sure you remember to unlock it first.  Makeup can be tinted and cleared using your LOGO HUD.

All versions of the eyes now support Omega eye appliers.  If you have a favorite eye designer and want to apply their eyes to the included Alex eye mesh so that it still works with the eye controls on the HUD you can ask them to make Omega versions.

 Chat Emotes and Random Expressions 3.0B

You can now trigger expression via chat commands!  Simply pick an expression or combination of 2 expressions and assign a word or emoticon to it and it will then trigger during chat.  For example you can pick the tongue sticking out expression from Expressions Pack 3, type +emote : P in chat and the next time you type : P to someone your expression will trigger for a short length of time and then revert back to your previous expression.  18 emotes are included by default but you can customize these with different expressions and add your own.  You can control how long your expression stays or even switch to stored expressions permanently!  This means you can swap expressions without needing a HUD at all.

You can also set expressions as random and then turn random expressions on via chat to have your avatar randomly switch between your current expression and the random ones.  If you don’t want to set your own random expressions you can still use the command and your avatar will switch between the default expressions (except closed eyes/open mouth) in a natural way.  You can set the range for how often expressions change and how long they remain for.

There’s a lot more to this system including the ability to have other people control your expressions, being able to store emote sets and transfer them between heads and many more options.  There’s a LOT so please read the separate instructions for Emotes to get all the details!



Body – Maitreya, HeadLOGO,  Applier –CATWA  Melanie Applier 05 Asia @ Shiny Shabby ( Opens Nov 20 ), Eyes –IKON Hope Eyes Quicksilver, HairDUE Tomonaga Vitamin, TopBlueberry Roro, ScarfDoCoMo Muffler, Gloves –Izzie’s  Knit Gloves, Jeans::Ego,- Lite Pathway Planks & Stars  + Half Deer +


 New HUD Tab – Tinting, Alpha Masking and Other Options

There is a third tab added to the HUD with many new options!

The top part of the tab has controls for tinting your face, inner eye corner, eyelashes, hair base or Omega makeup (if you’re wearing it).  You have 11 slots to save color swatches for each of the 5 things you can tint.  You can also use text to select a color using RGB, HSL or hexadecimal.

Now that the ears and necks are integrated with the main head you can control your neck size and ear style with the HUD.

At the bottom of the tab you can hide and show parts of the skull if you find that it’s poking through certain hairs.

Finally if you’re wearing Omega makeup and want to remove it you can click the Clear All button to do so.

 New Installers for Add-Ons

A much requested feature was the ability to add your expression add-on packs to the main HUD and that is now possible!

Additionally we’ve made it much easier to install ALL your add-ons by having them installed via their own HUDs.  Just wear your main HUD and the add-on installer HUD and press a button, that’s it!  In a couple of seconds your makeup or expression will be added to the HUD for you to enjoy.

* INSTRUCTIONS   for Emotes, expressions and chat commands LOGO How to’s for Alex 3.0 update.