Its funny how putting together a set for a photo brings back memories.

As this photo started to come together I was wondering why it started to look familiar to me, I then realized that growing up in eastern Canada many winters look like the one in the photo. My grandmother had a big ‘ol home with with a veranda . My subconsciousness was putting a scene together that would slap me in the face with a snow ball after I viewed the final photo.

This particular winter  she was terminally ill with cancer and no one felt like celebrating the holidays. My brother and I were praying she would  ( we would ) make it through December. We were  her only grandchildren. I was 18yrs old, my brother 17yrs .This time of the year were were deeply involved with exams, catering to her needs and never even thought about a  bloody Christmas tree. She was confined to her hospital bed. We moved it into the living room and we spent all our time studying so we could be near her. Furthermore, add some sense of normality for her with the coming and going of teenagers. In the evenings, I could hear a faint melody hum from her lips as I played the piano for her during her worst hours of the day.

Its was 4 days before Christmas, exams were done, we realized there was NO TREE perched in the living room corner as in previous years. We wanted to surprise her, we scrapped together the monies we had. My brother  had an old beater of a car, small honda civic. It had a hole in the floor, you could see the snow on the ground if you shuffled the floor mat aside. We started on our journey to find the perfect tree that $25.00 could get us. We landed at Mr. Elworthy’s family Christmas tree farm, our yearly supplier.  When we pulled in, he approached the car with his typical grin and welcomed me. I explained how much money we had and if he had a tree left for that price. He said anything on the lot was on ‘the house’. That comment never surprised us, it was very typical of Les.

As the saying goes, ” The tree picks you, not the other way around. ” We went back to the 1st one we liked, as if it were calling to us as we walked around gazing, measuring and disagreeing on others. The snow was falling with its big fat flakes landing on my eyelashes and would melt into my eyes as we struggled to secure it to the top of the car. My grandmother lived on a steep hill, as were many streets in her area.  The old car, had seen better days. It could not make it up one of the hills and we had a few  more to go.  We were going no further. Pulling over, we got out and approached a house that was lite bright in the falling snow.  We knocked on a door and asked if we could store the car in their driveway until morning and explained our plans to get that tree home. It was nearing 7pm, the snow was so heavy and deep, no vehicles were moving anywhere. We untied the tree , tied the rope to it and pulled knowing we had an hour to go.  The street lamps casted what looked like diamonds on the untouched snow. The only sign of movement was our footprints and the needles from the tree leaving a path of bread crumbs to our  front door. ~  We layed my grandmother to rest 2 weeks later.

This photo fills my eyes with tears of joy and mercy! A bittersweet memory buried deep and surfaces every Christmas.

Happy Holidays and I pray you have amazing memories , don’t let them go. Memories can make us laugh. While others make us chuckle and shake our head. Some just tear our heart out and there is nothing we can do to stop the ache. Doing this set was like cuddling up with a duvet, hot cocoa in front of the fire place.. Warmth all over!




 The Arcade Winter Gotcha  Event

House: . periwinkle dust bunny cottage . RARE   Deer Welcome Mat:  { What Next } Winter Bench:  (snowflake){ What Next }  Flakey the Snowman: { What Next }    Winter Picket Fence: uK  Winter  Wonderland Standing Deer: Fawny   Car: [Con.] Tilbury Roadster – red RARE   Black Lab: Waiting for Santa Paws O.M.E.N –  Magical Christmas – Pile of Gifts#2:  [ zerkalo ] WhiteBirchCluster.v2{Seasons} & Conifer.v2{Seasons}:  LB_

Non Arcade Props:

 Christmas Wreath:mimmi – what else   ( red ) Pile of Gifts: Kalopsia