Regency Tea Set: The whole set is only 100 L during the event (66% off) – December 15th of every month and ending on January 12th @ Genre Regency Round
Gift Boxes:UNCERTAIN SMILE transferable 25L each or 100L for set @ NouveauXmass  20th Dec – 3rd January  Balloon Tree:UNCERTAIN SMILE@Lazy Sunday Dec 23 ( discounted items )

Head: Genesis Dafne Rare @ kustom9  Applier: Plates of Gold Genesis @ kustom9  Hair: Sparkle Magika   Dress: Sweet Pea Ivory junbug  Kitten: Standing Little Kitten Orange Black Batman @kustom9   Winter Cozy – Table: Light [ zerkalo ]  Festive Gift Boxes:  UNCERTAIN SMILE   Regency Tea Set: UNCERTAIN SMILE  Cake Tins Tea Set: UNCERTAIN SMILE  Tea Bowl: UNCERTAIN SMILE   Cookie Pot: UNCERTAIN SMILE  Balloon Tree: UNCERTAIN SMILE  Yule Log:  Lark