Dear Sponsors and Friends

When my photo is liked or commented on, it truly means the world to me. I can put hour or days into a particular scene, making sure the lighting and angle is right so that you look at it and feel it, or want to buy it. I love what I do and it’s something that is always evolving. I have amazing sponsors and supporters. Thank you so very much. Many people ask , ” Why do you do it?” My reply,” Too make people feel and maybe a memory comes back to them or a feeling ❤ ”

If I blog for you it needs to be that I have breathing room. 2-3 items a month for each sponsor is very fair and many bloggers feel the same way. Events are a bit different with their guidelines but I find still very fair. I want to do a great detailed job for you all, not a rush job. I try to get my events out 1st as they are on a time frame. Then I will go down the list and prioritize. I am not prioritizing due to favorites. It’s who needs what out in ” X” amount of time. I try to blog for my style and set. If you send me decor, I may not blog each piece but I will make sure a few items are in the photo. Again, we all want the scene to flow and not looked crammed. I love to mix and match. If I did not blog the item, it could be one of two things it did not fit my style or I have been busy.  Everything that people make is not always everybody’s taste, it does not mean it is bad it is just that people have different taste, just like my photos and style might not be for everyone.
If you are NOT my sponsor and I have asked for a review item, I will 100% blog that item.
I do believe that the sponsor and blogger need to have an open door policy and mutual respect. If I am ill or away I will always be respectful and contact you , usually more then once to follow up. When I return, I will blog the most recent of the items for you or the event as I will have many sponsors to do the same for. What I do not want is to be a loyal blogger and following guidelines only to come back from being away or ill, etc and then being ejected from a blog group. Especially after contacting you, the sponsor. If that is the case, then I am NOT the blogger for you.

– Linking Items- I will be only linking my sponsors items in my post from now on. I am still going to list all items in the photo, because I think it is frustrating when i see something in a photo and I go to their blog and it is not listed.  I will still state where I got the item if it was at an event and if it is from something already linked I will add it.

Thank you ~ Mia


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